Is Motherhood turning you into a woman you barely recognize?

Does overwhelm and mom-stress get in the way of you being the Mama you want to be? 

Do you struggle between getting it all done and being present for your children?

Do you suffer from Mama-guilt and a constant internal nagging that you aren’t enough?

Do you find yourself 100% caring for the needs of others, while ignoring your own?

Do you feel exhausted, frustrated and resentful a lot of the time?

Welcome, beautiful soul!
You are in the right place.
Because I believe that it’s time to do motherhood differently.


See, nobody ever taught us to be Mamas.

Many of our daily choices as mothers are driven by subconscious beliefs defining what it means to be a good mother (and wife). Beliefs that it is our job to do it all, to do it perfectly, and to do it with little support leave us exhausted, overwhelmed, full of self-doubt and disempowered as women.

It also leaves us showing up as tired, distracted, frustrated and resentful in front of our children.


But no more.


As members of the In Essence Collective, we are going to discover how to do motherhood with clarity, calm and confidence. 

I will coach you AND share all of my best strategies and tools with you in the In Essence Collective. But be warned, this is a Collective where nobody has it sussed. We will be learning and growing together – me right alngside you. Because, guess what…this motherhood thing is a forever learning personalized journey that we will grow through together.

Here's what we are going to focus on:

♥  Less Mess. Less Stress. Learn to ditch overwhelm, declutter and simplify your world so that you can do more of what you love with who you love. 

♥   Self-Honoring Organization. Design and build the scaffolding and structure you need in your world to support YOU to move those Mama mountains you move, every single day with ease and grace.

♥   Mind Clarity. Create headspace that makes energized, intentional efficient living possible. 

♥   Hot Head Management. Learn to go from hot headed disconnected reactions to heartcentered responses using easy-to-use emotional intelligence and mindfulness strategies and tools. 

♥   Mom-Guilt. Learn to navigate this big nasty so that it helps us expand (versus shrink) in ourselves and live in alignment with our priorities. 

♥   Self Loving Awareness.  Learn what drives our subconscious choices, actions and reactions as a Mama. Befriend, neutralize and disempower your negative self-talking saboteur so that you can hear your inner essence speak its truth.

♥   Beautiful Boundaries. Learn to align your choices and actions with your priorities and values. Heal shoulditis and too nice syndrome. Learn to say yes to what feeds your soul. And to say NO to what doesn’t.

♥   Loving Up You. Loving Up Life. Learn to practice guilt-free soul nourishing self-care so that you can feel and be like the woman that you truly madly deeply are. Life will never feel this good!

How Does It Work?

In Essence membership includes access to:

Coaching Exercises & How-To Lessons (weekly | 3 per month)
You will receive one email per week, for the first three weeks of each month. These emails will inspire you into action in one of our focus areas. They will invite you to look inward, reflect, explore and take action towards more clarity, calm and confidence.

Some are practical How-To lessons designed to support you in lightening your load and your spirit. Some How-To’s in the making:  How to Plan for Presence, How to Calm. Down. Now., How to Integrate Mindfulness into an already-full-day.

Community Support
Inside this membership, you will get access to our Exclusive Facebook Group, with other amazing members, and me! We’re all here learning to do motherhood with clarity, calm and confidence together. If you’re stuck or in despair and need some inspiration or support, this is the place to go. You are not alone! We’re in this together! 

Live Monthly Coaching Calls
On the last Tuesday of every month, we will come together LIVE for an essential coaching call that will focus on the month’s themes. This is a space for us to hold hands, to ask questions and to celebrate as we dive deeper into the strength of who we are. 

Bonus Mama Wisdom Interviews
In the olden days we had elders to guide us in our motherhood journeys. These interviews with mothers who help mothers do what we do with more ease and grace. Learn from experts in the fields of organization, parenting, relationships, self-nourishment, mindfulness and anything else that supports Mama-thriving.

Resource Library
Throughout our essential journey together, we will gather resources and compile them in a safe one-stop-shop for our members to access on an as-need basis. So that one day, when MamaGuilt has reared it’s nasty face, you know exactly where to find a remedy for it! 

In the olden days, we lived in community. Raising the young was a shared responsibility. For better or for worse, we had Wise Elders who showed us the way.

We had space and time to gather and share our experiences. Today we live isolated as mothers, in nuclear family units that are often distanced (emotionally or geographically)  from our families and communities of origin.

We turn to books, blogs, parenting courses and mothers’ groups for wisdom and support. And while we have more resources at our finger tips than ever before, our days are so rushed and stressed that we do not have the serenity to discern what resonates and what does not. It is not surprising that we feel lost, dazed and confused as we rebirth ourselves into motherhood in a world where external expectations to be the perfect everything take over our inner and outer worlds.

But the truth is, we are not meant to mother in isolation. Or in stress. We are meant to mother in community. Held gently and guided with love by other women and, by our own essential wisdom.

Mama’s we need a tribe! A tribe that lifts us up into our own essence and wisdom. It is with this support that we can model being the change we want to see in the world – for ourselves, for our families and for our collective future.

Doors to the In Essence Collective are currently closed. They will reopen in the Spring of 2018.

Please email if you want to join the Waiting List.

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!




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